Stories Edit

He has only been in 1 story currently titled: Psychic8 and the non-VIP, a story about a monster called the non-VIP who has no possible way of talking and no possible way of creating anything. But, he is powerful. He still has an impact. And Psychic8 tries to stop him from attacking the world which is in 1424. He is 1,945 years old in this story. (only canon to this story) And can be any other age in any other year.

Time-Lines Edit

Only 3 time lines exist NOW that you can put him in. 1424 = year: 1,945 = age. This can be used in medieval stories such as the non-VIP story. 2016 = year. 10 = age. This can be used NOW. it can be used for an upcoming story called; The PC army. 4014 = year. 22 = age. This timeline is in the future. It discusses about how Paul's childhood never changed, and he had to live in a futuristic world. He struggles to enjoy life because he feels that nothing changes. Ever, and nothing is active. This will be used for ANOTHER upcoming story; The Picturables.