Psychic8 And The Non-VIP - Chapter 1 - 4Edit

Chapter 1 - My Story.Edit

I'm a boy, I don't really consider myself as a hero, this is my story of when I met very weird people. It started lots of years ago. I'm very old. I was fighting an ancient monster called the non-VIP. he couldn't say much. I couldn't see his so called "creations" either, he was terrifying to fight. I was in dance class practicing the whip-nae-nae when the bell rang. I went to my room. He wasn't my friend, but was my, I don't know. His name was...I don't remember. But anyway, a huge storm took place that night. Bringing me and the boy into a forest. Being flung through the window. A scary experience.

Chapter 2 - Can't Speak. Edit

I gasped in fear. My classmate jumped into the bushes, he fell off a cliff. Then, after that. I approached a strange being. A mod. This "mod" was called, nessa. nessa was very nice to me, she told me how to defeat non-VIP. I couldn't hear. Remember, I'm old. I used whip-nae-nae language to tell her about the non-VIP. She understood. But, I heard a noise in the dark. Hopefully, I thought it would be my classmate. Until the strange being came out. nessa treated her as a friend, I asked who it was. nessa replied; JCee. I gasped, the non-VIP was trying to tell me something like this, but couldn't. He tried to tell me that nessa and JCee would be helpful. But didn't. He could only say I agree or I disagree, and a bunch of other basic things. Because I couldn't understand him. He slashed his sword at me. And as I remembered that. I could hear and speak again, I was very happy. Until the time came to explain to nessa and JCee what happened. They didn't believe me.... at first.

Chapter 3 - nessa and JCee. Edit

nessa told JCee that it could be easier if they believed it at first. Seeing as this might be a risk to the world. So they both agreed. But first, I had to go save my classmate, even though I didn't like him that much. I can remember his name, faintly. His name was NR- no, I forgot. We're not great friends, but since I was turning into a hero, I had to. Otherwise nessa and JCee would not like my actions. So I told them, they agreed, but still were trying to figure out how strange it was that I got there. I thought nothing of it. So we walked, until we got to the end of the mountain. I said "It might be easier to go back." and nessa replied; "we're heroes now, it's better to save everyone." I didn't really agree about the hero part. But did it anyway. So, we needed to grab a rope. And JCee came up with a stupid idea, that worked? We got a long staff-like stick and clinged it onto the top of the cliff. We were lucky, it worked. But in the slightest. We got down and I was greeted by a shadow figure...

Chapter 4 - The Shadow Figure Edit

nessa wanted to turn back now. The shadowy figure was creepy after all, but we couldn't stop now. We were trapped down here. The figure came out, and again. nessa treated him as a friend. His name was Jason, and was extremely nice, for a creepy figure. That is. After that happened. Jason told me that, NR- or whatever his name was; was banned from the forest. He got kicked out by someone and shoved into a river. nessa exclaimed "Let's move on" and ran of with the rest of the people following her. I don't remember what happened after that. I remember the calm, relaxing river streaming down the burn. It was beautiful, until. Ugh, it hurts me to say this. We had to witness someone dying. That's right. I remember, slightly. Someone called TinyRo- no, I can't reme- wait, I can. I'm not going to tell this part of the story. She was murdered though, by herself. She wanted to quit the entire forest. I'm not gonna go into it. But nessa was shocked and happy. Happy, I didn't know why either. She said something like being the boss of the forest or something, I'm very tired right now. I can- ugh, I'm gonna go to sleep.

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