The PC Army Chapter 1 - 4 Edit

Chapter 1 - The Website. Edit

I was only 10 years old at this point. I'm 16 now, but writing this really made me express my feelings too much. That, I feel like I'm still ten. Anyway. I was just a kid at this point. Just, searching on my computer as usual. I was a bit of a nerd. So, I was chatting to my friend; Tom, about how 2016 was going so fast, which made us talk about computer clocks and all that stuff. Then, a message popped up on my computer, it read; Needing contestants to audition for soldiers for the PC army." I think, the text was LONG. Anyway, I clicked it. Telling Tom to go to their website. I think I have a pretty clear image of what the website looked like that was screenshotted. I'll show you it, I guess.


The Website.

So, that's what it looks like. A pretty basic website if you ask me. Although, I think it got removed from the internet by a copyright claim by a massive company. I say massive, Windows and Apple are easily more popular than them. But, I'm losing the point. You can't see it here. But if you scroll down, there is a sign up button. Being nosy. I signed up. And I told Tom to sign up too. It was getting late. So I went up to bed.

Chapter 2 - The Bill Edit

The next day, my mum marched upstairs looking very furious, she asked. "What did you do last night, Paul?" I had just woken up, trying to remember, I told her that I was chatting to Tom, she replied; "Oh, no. You didn't JUST do that, remember this?!" She showed me a picture of the PCARMY charging her £500.00 for gear. She was mad. I was upset. So, I replied; "I didn't sign up fo-" "I don't care what you did! You owe me £500 and I'M sending back the gear!" She slammed the door shut. I was up in bed. Crying. Nothing like this had ever happened to me. The PCARMY scammed me. I had never felt so tricked. I went on their website and typed in their phone number on my phone. I couldn't call anyone. I saw on the screen. "PCARMY disabled." I think I took a screenshot of that, too. I faintly remember that it made a loud, scary, squeak. It went on for about 2 minutes, two whole minutes. I froze in fear. My mum didn't disable it either. So I went on to my live chat and told Tom to get on. Instantly. So he went on. And he wasn't facing the same problem.

PCArmy Disabled

But instead, a different problem. He got hacked by PCARMY. He actually got hacked. His computer mouse moved around.

To Be Continued.

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